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AKA: The Convict Killer , Iron Chain Fighter

Starring: Ti Lung, Jason Pai-Piao, Cheng Lee, Cheng Miu, Dick Wei, Chiang Nan, Lau Wing, Walter Tso, Goo Goon-Chung, Yeung Chi-Hing, Fung Ging-Man, Austin Wai, Jamie Luk, Keung Hon, Ng Hong-Sang, Ngaai Fei, Shum Lo, Wong Mei-Mei, Yuen Bun


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A framed kung-fu master (Ti Lung) seeks revenge after 15 years in prison. He survives one attempt on his life after another before the final surprise plot twist! An intriguing, exciting production which weaves mystery and suspense with kung-fu action. Overview: In early 20th century China, a loner named Ti, armed only with a length of iron chain, seeks a mysterious figure named Lan Fei. He gains an ally in the form of Shang Lin, who wants to learn what Lan Fei knows about the killing of her husband 15 years earlier. Mr. Cho, the town boss offers Ti $5000 to back off, but is turned down. In response, Mr. Cho calls on the Heroic Seven, a team of legendary fighters, to emerge from hiding to take out Ti for not playing by the his heavy-handed self-serving rules.

Duration: 0

LANGUAGE(S): English 


DTS: mono 

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