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The Treasure Hunters

Starring: Alexander Fu Sheng || Cheung Chin Pang || Johnny Wang (Lung Wei) || Lau Kar Wing || To Siu Ming || Gordon Liu (Chia Hui) || Yeung Jing Jing || Wilson Tong (Wai Shing) || Lam Wai || Fung Ging Man

The Treasure Hunters   

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A fun and furious tale of two con men vying for a horde of hidden gold. Overview: Impressible conman Chi Ta Po (Alexander Fu Sheng) joins forces with bumptious rich kid Chow Su Chee (Chang Chan Peng) to search for the find themselves up to their necks in trouble, on the run from a dogged, wall-eyed cop as they pursue enigmatic monk Wu Sun (Gordon Liu) before uniting with him to foil the veil schemes of sadistic and ruthless aristocrat Lord Mo (Wang Lung Wei) and his inscrutable female side-kick.

Anamorphic Widescreen

Duration: 0

Languages: ENGLISH 

Subtitles: ENGLISH

Running Time: 105 mins. (approx.)

Price $9.99
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