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bastard swordsman

Starring: Cast Norman Chu as Yun Fei Yang Tony Liu as Fu Yu Shu Wong Yung as Chief Qing Song Leanne Liu as Lun Wan Er Alex Man as Chief Dugu Wu Di Yeung Jing-jing as Dugu Fang Er Chan Si-gai as Shen Man Jiun Ku Kuan-chung as Bai Sek Lo Mang as Kung Suen Wang Kwan Fung as Lightning

bastard swordsman  

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Plot Yun Fei Yang is the viciously bullied orphan who takes on the unpleasant tasks at a formidable kung-fu school. Constantly mocked by the other students of the school, Yen counts as his only friend the daughter of the resident master. Any internal wrangling between the various members is put to one side when a swordsman from a rival clan reminds the master of the duel he must take part in once a decade. Unfortunately the defending clan chief is well aware that his rival is more powerful than himself. The expected defeat is further complicated when a wandering swordsman arrives on the scene and joins himself to the injured party, immediately adding to Yen's woes. The ensuing series of confrontations and intrigues soon reveals the individual motives that the numerous parties all have and the role they play in the fate of the martial world. After finally understanding his own past and upbringing, Yen is ready to take on the mantle of avenger for his school and win back the respect that his colleagues have lost. With fighting skills that had been taught to him by a shrouded figure, Yen steps out of the shadows and reveals himself to be anything but the harassed orphan that everyone enjoys picking on. However to have any kind of hope against his nearly superhuman foes, the young fighter must uncover the secrets of his clan's 'Silkworm Technique' and transform himself completely.

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