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Starring: Chan Sing (Chen Sing) || Chia Ling (Judy Lee) || Lo Lieh || Don Wong Tao || Man Kong-Lung (Wen Chiang Lung) || Fan Dan Fung || Chan Wai-Lau || Liu Ping || Cheung Ying || Cheng Fu-Hung || Lee Man-Tai || Yee Yuen || Chan Lui || O Yau-Man || Hung Fa-Long || Cho Kin || Yuen Sam || Lau Lap-Cho || Chan Suk-Fong || Shaw Luo-Hui || Au Lap-Bo


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The 18 Riders of Shaolin are a group of kung fu philanthropists who use their deadly skills to protect the weak and needy. But trouble brews when an evil kung fu master infiltrates the group and attempts to use trickery to rob them and destroy their clan. Overview: The 18 Riders of Shaolin are a group of martial art philanthropists who put their deadly skills to good use to protect the weak and needy. An evil Kung-Fu master infiltrates the group and attempts to use trickery to rob the Riders of their treasures and destroy their entire clan. But their skill and dearing see the villain's plans foiled for the good and peace of the region. Spectacular fighting from the kings of the Jade Screen, Wong Tao and Chen Sing.

Special Features # Letterboxed ~1.85:1 # Mono # Trailers

Duration: 0

Running Time:	86 mins. (approx.)
Languages:	English (Dolby Digital 2.0 - Stereo)
Subtitles:	None
Distributor:	PanMedia  [A USA-Based Distributor]

Title(s) AKA: Eighteen Shaolin Riders || 
18 Swirling Riders || Eighteen Swirling Riders || 
18 Riders For Justice || Eighteen Riders For Justice 
|| Shaolin 18 Brave Men || Shaolin Eighteen Brave Men
Film Director(s): Lam Fook-Dei
Film Producer(s): Ng Yuen-Cheung
Action Director(s): Ho Ming-Hiu
Released: 1977 [Hong Kong]
Price $9.99

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