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Claws of Steel

AKA: Deadly China Hero

Starring: Jet Li Lian-Jie, Cheung Man, Dicky Cheung Wai-Kin, Nat Chan Bak-Cheung, Leung Ka-Yan, Gordon Liu, Jue Tit-WohAnita Yuen Wing-Yee, Yuen King-Tan, Chung Fat, Wong Tin-Lam, Dion Lam Dik-On

Claws of Steel   

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An action comedy, but as with most of Wong Jing’s films, it verges on crass parody. The movie’s plot is all over the place as Fei-Hung and his disciples relocate the respectable Po Chi Lam clinic, only to become next-door neighbors with the gals at the local brothel. From there, we have Fei-Hung and company breaking up a prostitution racket run by evil monks, a quasi-romance for our hero with a beautiful street performer (Cheung Man), Fei-Hung battling deafness (dont ask), some required lion dancing, and a tacked-on scheme to abduct a British official by the Boxers Association. Then, to top it all off, there’s the ludicrous finale in which Jet Li dresses up as a red rooster (and clucks!) to do battle with a giant lion dance-inspired centipede.


Duration: 0

RUNNING TIME: 110 mins. (approx.)


Price $9.99

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