Shipping & Returns


We at pride ourselves on providing quality import DVDs at the most affordable prices. Unfortunately, sometimes problems do occur, which sometimes prevent our customers from realizing the full enjoyment of their purchase. Our goal is to help correct the problem as soon as possible. Common DVD problems include disc recognition errors and picture skipping. These problems are the result of one of following:

  • DVD Player Incompatibility
    To eliminate this problem, we ask that you play test a potential defective DVD on at least one other DVD player of different make an model. If the disc plays fine on the other DVD player, you have a problem with your DVD player. In many cases, your laser head may need cleaning. Most DVD player manufacturers recommend using a cleaning kit every 4-6 months.
  • Scratched Or Dirty Discs
    Scratches on the surface of the disc are a common problem and are usually the result of the disc becoming dislodged from the case spindle during transit. KungFuDVDWORLD never sends DVDs that are loose in the case. Normally a few scratches won’t affect playback. Many “spindle marks” can also be removed by simply using your thumb to buff them out. KungFuDVDWORLD pays return shipping to you. You must pay shipping to us.
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