16:9 Remastered English Dubbed
Running Time: 97 mins. (approx.)
Languages: English
Subtitles: None
Distributor: PanMedia [A USA-Based Distributor]

Title(s) AKA: 5 Fingers Of Death || Iron Palm || King Boxer || Hand Of Death || Invincible Boxer
Film Director(s): Jeng Cheong Woh (Cheng Chang-Ho)
Film Producer(s): Run Run Shaw
Action Director(s): Lau Kar Wing || Chan Chuen
Released: 1972 [Hong Kong]

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Plot: A young man uses his martial arts skills to defend family honor. One of the first martial arts films released in the USA.
Overview: A budding young master must face the challenge of his training and his foes. Chao Chi Hao is told by his master that if he improves his fighting technique training elsewhere, he will be given the hand of the master’s daughter in marriage. But when Chi Hao enters a tournament representing his school, a rival school, bent on winning at all costs, sends a few Japanese heavies to help give them the winning edge. Will Chi Hao, with his hands now broken, be able to finish the tournament?


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