AKA: Araburu tamashii-tachi
Languages: Japanese

Subtitles: English

Region Coding: All Region

Format: NTSC

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Violence between two families of Yakuza begin when a young Yakuza harasses the customers at a rival’s nightclub. When the feud results in the death of a prominent crime boss, Kenzaki vows vengeance for the death.

Synopsis: A tale of greed, honour and revenge amongst the yakuza, Agitator concerns an executive from the Tenseikai Syndicate attempting to gain power by arranging for two smaller rival gangs – the Shirane and Yokomizo – to unite under his name. A complex story involving the machinations of the older yakuza executives in their quest for power, the film mainly focuses on Kenzaki Kunihiko, the charismatic leader of a gang that makes up one part of the Yokomizo family. As he deals with the fallout from the executives’ plans of assassinations and betrayals, could he show that the younger punks of the yakuza have more honour and loyalty


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