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Banlieue 13, two years later. The
government has changed, not the rest
… The wall of isolation – ever
higher, ever growing, ever further –
has spread around the cities ghettos
and gangs that are proliferating have
increased their influence. The traffic
is now divided among five ethnic
neighborhoods, each headed by a
fearsome gang leader. More than ever
determined to settle the problem, the
secret services voluntarily fire to
powder. Damien (Cyril Raffaelli), cop
martial arts expert, and Leito (David
Belle), able to squeeze in every
corner of the suburbs, make new team.
Their goal: to save the city from
chaos. Their program: tough fighting
and race for defying the laws of
gravity ….

Three years after the events of the
original film, the authorities are
attempting to return law and order to
ravaged District 13. However the death
of gang overlord Taha Bemamud at the
end of the previous film has left a
power vacuum, and total control of the
area is now being fought over by five
rival territorial gang lords who want
to step into Taha’s position of
overlord over District 13. Damien and
Leito return to District 13 on a
mission to bring peace to the troubled
sector before the secret services of
Paris take drastic measures to solve
the problem.


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