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Once a stunt double for Jet Li,
Mainland martial artist Xiong Xin Xin
went on to develop himself into a
famous kung fu actor and action
director. With Once Upon a Time in
China II, he was nominated for Best
New Performer at Hong Kong Film Awards
in 1993, and Seven Swords won him a
Golden Horse Best Action Choreographer
Award in 2005. Today, Xiong is intent
on passing his martial arts mantle to
a new generation of action stars. In
his first outing as a director, Xiong
fills Coweb with tight-paced and
stunningly choreographed fight scenes
in the best tradition of Hong Kong
action cinema, but promising newcomer
Jiang Luxia shows that she is up to
the challenge by doing all the complex
stunts herself. A national Shaolin
martial arts champion, Jiang got her
first taste of fame when she posted
videos showing off her kung fu
capabilities on the Internet, which is
how she caught the attention of Xiong.
After her big-screen debut, Jiang –
still a college student – is widely
tipped to be the next big thing in
Asian kung fu cinema. Presented by
Hong Kong Film Development Fund and
produced by Joe Ma (Love Undercover),
Coweb co-stars veteran Hong Kong
actors Sam Lee (Dog Bite Dog) and
Eddie Cheung (Fatal Move). The story
follows Nie Yiyi (Jiang Luxia), a 20-
year-old Guangdong martial arts
instructor who has not recovered from
the shock of her father\’s tragic
murder. Yiyi\’s childhood best friend
Chung Tin (Sam Lee) persuades her to
go to Hong Kong and becomes the
bodyguard for tycoon Ho Kwun (Eddie
Cheung). One day, Ho is kidnapped in
mysterious circumstances. With the
help of Chung, Yiyi launches herself
into a bold rescue mission, but soon
finds herself swept in a fighting
tournament, Game of Death style. Yiyi
refuses to be a pawn of the
underground boxing organization behind
all this, but in order to save Ho, she
has no choice but to gamble her life
and finish her deadly mission, one
fight at a time…


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