Eye For An Eye


Languages: Korean

Subtitles: English

Running Time: 101 (approx)

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Attracting over a million moviegoers in its opening week, cat-and-mouse crime thriller Eye for an Eye boasts a dream pairing both in front of and behind the camera. Renowned director Kwak Kyung Taek (Friend, Typhoon) and Ahn Kwon Tae – Kwak’s assistant director on Friend who went on to direct My Brother – share writing and directing credits, while top stars Cha Seung Won (Murder Take One) and Han Suk Kyu (Shiri) face off onscreen in a thrilling battle of brawn and wit. Weaving from the underbelly of Busan to the corporate district of Seoul, Eye for an Eye takes it characters and the audience on a roller coaster ride of gripping car chases, daring heists, and unexpected plot twists, all underlined by the acting tour de force of Cha Seung Won and Han Suk Kyu.

Fierce, suave, and foul-mouthed, top detective Baek (Han Suk Kyu) is about to leave the force to start his own business, but his plans are rudely interrupted when two large cases land on his desk. First, an armored truck is robbed in broad daylight. Then someone impersonates Baek and steals trafficked gold from the airport right under the police’s noses. As a final slight, the perpetrator, Ahn (Cha Seung Won), sends a package of cash to Baek the next day. Completely outraged, Baek pursues his target with the determination of a madman, but Ahn is one step ahead at every turn, deliberately leaving traces behind to taunt the police. Baek soon realizes that Ahn’s clues are leading him to an even greater enemy.


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