High Voltage


AKA: Asian Cop
Languages: ENGLISH

Running Time: 90 mins. (approx.)

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Lethal Hong Kong lawman Fred Chiang (Donnie Yen) stalks the mean streets of the east, haunted by the violent death of his wife at the hands of a drug-dealing maniac. On his arrival in The Philippines, Chiang is teamed with straight-laced local cop Edward (Edu Manzano). Lo, the witness, has photographic evidence of Mead gunning down a police man on the orders of Manila crime boss Cardoza. Edward, too, has a personal interest in the case. The murdered man was his father. Richard Lo is assassinated while they are en route to the airport. Lo’s girlfriend, Jenny (Lily Lee), works at a local nightclub. Frend’s enquiries there lead to a ferocious fistfight, an event which exacerbates the conflict between the Hong Kong cop and his local counterpart. Edward and his young partner Billy (Joel Terre) come to both like and respect this unconventional Chinese lawman. Gabriel (Gabriel Romulo) engages Billy in a lethal game of one-on-one, a match that ends with an exploding basketball and Billy’s death.


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