Languages: Thai,ENGLISH

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Orphaned when the treacherous Lord Rajasena (Saranyoo Wongkrajang) kills his parents, young Tien is saved from slavery and raised by Chernang (Sorapong Chatree), leader of a renowned band of guerillas. Growing to adulthood, Tien (Tony Jaa) becomes proficient in a variety of martial arts styles including boxing, kung fu, and Muay Thai, as well as numerous forms of exotic weaponry. With his training behind him, Tien begins his journey towards his ultimate goal: revenge against Lord Rajasena for his parents’ death. However, infiltrating the enemy brings Tien in contact once again with childhood sweetheart Pim (Primorata Dejudom), who has become Rajasena’s top dancer. Inflicting an initial blow on Rajasena, Tien makes his return to the jungle, only to find his enemies – and a shocking revelation – waiting for him.


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