Running Time: 86 mins. (approx.)

Languages: English (Dolby Digital 2.0 – Stereo – Dual Mono)

Subtitles: None

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Plot: Shaolin Temple becomes suspect when several clan leaders are robbed and killed by the deadly Shaolin Palm technique. Two top fighters visit Shaolin Temple to interrogate the abbot and his monks regarding the murders.

Overview: Helmed by acclaimed martial arts choreographer Tang Chia, “Shaolin Intruders” is an entertaining amalgamation of eye-popping martial arts and thrilling detective story. On a routine courier mission, the prestigious Chin Hu Chief was murdered by four mysterious monks. When all evidence pointed to Ching Hua (Liu Yu-po) his friend Lei Hsin (Derek Yee) was determined to clear his name by barging in the Shaolin Temple thrice and intertwined into a intricate web of deception?


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