Shaolin Vs Lama


Running Time: 91 mins. (approx.)

Languages: ENGLISH

Subtitles: None

Features: Full Screen

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Two rival families–one with sons, the other with daughters–gang up to defeat a band of evil marauders. All the while, the sons are trying to get their father and uncle married off but are confounded at every step by the daughters’ paranoid father.

Overview: A kung fu fanatic, Yu Ting (Alexander Lo Rei), searching for the ultimate master, saves a young Shaolin monk, Hsu Shi (William Yen), from a group of mobsters and sees it as a golden opportunity to enrich his kung fu skills. He persuades the young novice monk to smuggle him into Shaolin, but Ting’s presence isn’t welcome and he is driven out, but remains close to the temple, keeping in touch with Hsu Shi. When Ting rescues a girl from the clutches of the Flying Eagle gang, the Golden Wheel Lama and sworn enemy of Shaolin finds the perfect excuse to lead an assault on the Temple. Realizing Ting’s devotion, the abbot decides to bring Ting into the Shaolin order and teach him the deadliest techniques to prepare him for the Lama’s merciless fury.


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