Shaolin vs Wu Tang


aka–Shaolin Temple 2
Running Time: 87 mins. (approx.)

Languages: English

Region Coding: All Region

Format: NTSC

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Gordon Liu plays a young Shaolin monk who faces his toughest challenge when he faces the might of the Wu Tang sword. Top direction by Shaw Brothers supremo Liu Chia Liang.

Overview: A Manchu Prince (Lung Wei Wang) uses trickery to coax the secret fighting skills out of the Shaolin and Wu Tang masters. He then creates a rift between two young students (Gordon Liu and Adam Cheng) who were once the best of friends despite their respective backgrounds, forcing the two disciples to return to their temples and seek advice from their superiors. When they later reunite, their differences forgotten, Shaolin and Wu Tang team up to fight the Manchu menace.

Gordon Liu’s (“Shaolin Master Killer”) directorial debut features plenty of beautifully choreographed fights, an opening credit sequence worth the price of purchase alone, temple training scenes that surpass those in “Shaolin Master Killer”, and some eye-opening Wu Tang sword training, making “Shaolin And Wu Tang” a must for any fan of traditional martial arts.


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