Swordplay CGI
Runtime: 89 Minutes
Audio (Language): mandarin
Removable Subtitles: English (on/off)
Audio Format: 5.1
No. of Disc: 1
NTSC Regions: ALL
Video Format: Anamorphic

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The New Valiant Ones II

Director King Hu earned much fame in pioneering in a new aesthetics for martial arts films in the 1960s Chinese cinema. He made The Valiant Ones in 1975 to unfold a story of a patriotic military general and a princess who courageously fight against the invaders during the Ming dynasty. Now the remake stars Nicky Wu, who has just returned to the silver screen with the blockbuster A Battle of Wits alongside Andy Lau, and Huang Yi from the TV versions of Everlasting Regret and Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. Roy Cheung from Johnnie To’s Exiled also plays a crucial role in the film. With Yuen Wah from Kung Fu Hustle in the supporting cast and also serving as the action choreographer, this 2006 remake promises action sequences just as stunning as in King Hu’s original. Unlike the many period epics released recently, the film puts greater emphasis on the historical aspect rather than the visual effects.


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