To Kill a Mastermind


Language: Mandarin
Subtitles: English
Aspect Ratio: 16:9
Format: NTSC
Region: All

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A powerfull crime syndicate known as
the Chi Sha clan is a vast network of
deadly criminals proficient in martial
arts. Growing in number at an alarming
rate, the Imperial Court orders Yang
Chen-yu and his followers to wipe them
out at all costs. Doing this proves
difficult as no one knows the identity
of the mastermind behind the Chi Sha,
not even its own members. Spies
infiltrate the organization in an
effort to destroy them from within.
But then, no one knows who the spies
are and after a few ambushes and
security breaches, the clan deputies
begin suspecting one another of being
traitors. With the Chi Sha dwindling
in numbers. It’s a matter of time
before the mastermind must reveal


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