Running Time: 95 mins. (approx.)

Languages: English (Dolby Digital 2.0 – Stereo – Dual Mono)

Subtitles: None

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Plot: The story of 1930s Shanghai, and one man’s rise to the top of the gangster food chain.

Overview: Chen Kuan-tai exuded incredible power on screen, which his directors used to great advantage in this fight-filled follow-up to the smash hit The Boxer Fom Shantung. All the lead character did was win some money gambling with a Shanghai gangleader’s playboy son, but that’s enough for the father and child to want obsessive revenge. It all culminates in an incredible climatic fight, choreographed by the legendary Liu Chia-liang and Chen Chuan, co-star of Bruce Lee’s Fist Of Fury.


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