Wing Chun



RUNNING TIME: 97 min (approx)

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Yim Wing Chun (Michelle Yeoh) is locally renowned for her fierce kung fu. Scholar Wong Hok Chow (Waise Lee) comes to town for Beach Festival Day; concerned about protecting his assets from bandits, he decides the best way to secure the services of Yim Wing Chun as a bodyguard is to marry her. Wing Chun’s aunt, known as Abacus Fong, takes a liking to Scholar Wong. On Festival Day, Charmy comes to town looking for medicine for her sick husband; the bandits attack, see the beauty of Charmy and decide to kidnap her for their 2nd Fortress Lord. Later, Leung Pok To (Donnie Yen) comes to town looking for his long-ago fiancee Wing Chun; also looking for Wing Chun is 2nd Fortress Lord’s defender, known as Flying Chimpanzee.


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