Baby Cart in the Land of Demons


Sword Of Vengeance 5
LANGUAGE: Japanese


RUNNING TIME: 89 mins. (approx.)

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Baby Cart In The Land Of Demons: is the fifth of the internationally renowned “Lone Wolf And Cub” productions:
Prior to hiring Ogami Itto, Lord Kuroda, head of the Kuroda clan, sends his five greatest warriors to individually test the skill of Lone Wolf. Ogami passes the test:
Hired to ensure that the succession of the clas passes to the legitimate heir, the son of Lord Kuroda, Lone Wolf becomes enmeshed in a web of intrigue that leads in turn to Lord Retsudo, the evil head of the Yagyu. Before he can break free, he must turn against the very men who hired him, the loyal retainers of the Kuroda clan.


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