Two Toothless Tigers


Region Code: All
Format: NTSC
Running Time: Uncut
Languages: English dubbed
Subtitles: None
Aspect Ratio: 2.35:1

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The choreography in it is among Sammo’s (aided by Lam Ching Ying, Yuen Biao and Billy Chan) best ever, and having one of the finest choreography-performance masters, Yuen Shun Yee, alongside him makes it even more exciting.

Chung Fa’s bout against Wang Lung Wei deserves credit as having one of the best-choreographed sequences. Chung Fa has never looked this good, doing acrobatics everywhere. He does his standard eagle claw, only with the addition of flips used to grab at Wang’s legs and arms. Plenty of complex handwork for the hand enthusiasts, and enough acrobatic material for those who want bodies moving around everywhere.

Two Toothless Tigers is among the greatest of the Sammo-and-crew-choreographed films. Chung Fa’s talent shows brilliantly; HE’s never been used so well. Though Want is doubled for a few kicks, he’s menacing and they couldn’t have picked a better man for the villian. The four great fight sequences make the movie worth.


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